What is a Power Team?


A power team is a strong network of professionals with a common business goal – to help each other achieve a desired outcome.  A real estate investor’s Power Team may include Realtors, real estate attorneys, property managers, Title Companies, general contractors, and other investors.  Members of this Power Team will provide expertise to the real estate investor to maximize his or her success and create opportunities for one another. The stronger your Power Team, the more deals you’ll be able to do.


How do you fit in?


You can’t do it alone. Every successful investor – whether they’re a small-town investor or the next Donald Trump – puts deals together with the help of a team. You need a team, too. Business is a team sport. Try to run solo for a few deals and you’ll probably end up like a lot of other investors who thought they could do it alone: Broke and burnt out. Instead, if you help others succeed, they’ll help you succeed even more.  Assembling a team of people who can do all the things you can’t do or don’t want to do will help you achieve your goals faster and create opportunities you would have not been able to create on your own.  Figure out where your strengths are and build a Power Team to complement those strengths with talents, skills, and strengths of their own. Be an active participant in your Power Team by building mutually beneficial relationships.


How do you get started?


Getting started is easy: Start by creating your business listing. It’s fast and free and you can have it up and running today. Other investors are searching for professionals like you, so it makes sense to get started as quickly as possible. To really get started on the right foot, upgrade to a featured placement listing, our premium listing that is jam-packed with robust features to help people find you fast!

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